Kratos eGov Solutions

The best public administration is the one that goes unnoticed by citizens and businesses. Simplification and accessibility of administrative processes is an important prerequisite for improving the daily lives of constituents.

With our e-government solution eMunicipality you can:

  • Deliver improved public services at significantly lower cost.
  • Integrate dozens of citizen services into one cohesive system.
  • Reduce spending on IT infrastructure by leveraging a scalable and secure private cloud.
  • Streamline workflow in the municipality and make it more performance-driven.
  • Quickly onboard on an innovative platform, delivered via subscription over the web, securely accessible via a browser.

out-of-the-box solution for cities and towns

  • Quick and convenient setup
  • 200+ public service workflows out-of-the-box
  • Fully customisable
  • Government-grade security
  • Controlled budgets
  • Expert support
  • Compatible with the latest W3C standards
  • Flexible, responsive layout
  • Compatible with the major browsers
  • Attuned to smartphones and tablet PCs